Balık Ekmek - One of Istanbul's popular street foods.

It’s finally summer and a perfectly warm weather for me means going out and eating out. After the cold winter months and wet spring in Istanbul, I think its just time to really get some sea breeze.  So I decided to go sightseeing and spend a lazy Sunday with my family in Eminönü, one of the busiest districts of Istanbul's Europe side.  My son wanted to get on a ferry boat ride from Kadikoy to Eminönü so we got on a local ferryboat from Kadikoy to Eminönü.

Sbarro's Mevsim Pizza Menu - Food Review

If I’ll talk about fast food today, I’d rather talk about Sbarro’s delicious Mevsim Pizza that my son and I shared with each other just last weekend.  I wasn’t really feeling hungry when we decided to eat something just for a snack, but when my son told me he wanted to have pizza I just couldn’t resist from joining him.  Who doesn’t love pizza anyway?  So we went to Sbarro, an Italian fast food restaurant that offers not just delicious pizzas from their menu but also their signature Italian style pastas (makarnalar), salads (salatalar), main course (ana yemekler), desserts (tatlılar) and a variety of drinks (içecekler).

Yufka - Turkish Unleavened Flour Dough (Filo or Phyllo)

If you had been in Turkey, or at least if you had been introduced to Turkish Cuisine, then you probably know what is yufka. And if you do, then you also probably realized that most of Turkey’s so-called beş çayı (tea time) menus are usually made with yufka. While in most of the puff pastry recipes I’ve been posting usually involve yufka, most of the tea time recipes that I will be posting in the future will mostly include yufka, too.

The Common Fish and Other Seafoods Sold in Turkish Supermarkets


I’ve been posting about fırında balık (oven baked fish) yesterday after our holiday dinner. Luckily we got those fishes for a really cheap price at the market yesterday because of the Zafer Bayramı (Victory Day) holiday. Actually, the çipura or çupra (Gilthead Sea Bream) in this season are supposedly sold at 14.90 TL (Turkish Lira) per kilogram with each fish weighing at about 200-400 grams. But since its holiday yesterday, their prices drop from 14.90 per kilogram to just 9.99 TL (that's just about $5)! Well that’s pretty damn cheap, so l guess it only makes sense to get a few more fishes to take home and use the freezer to store them for consumption in the next couple of days (perhaps for a different menu).