Ispanakli börek for a healthy breakfast.

Come winter and every kind of freshly baked börek is a welcome sight in every Turkish breakfast table.  Obviously,  we are in the month of December where one can easily feel the winter chill not only in Istanbul but also in the other towns and cities as well as other regions of Turkey.  This also means, its time to have something deliciously hot in the kitchen table to snack on.  Yes, I mean cold winters would go well with steamy or sizzling hot foods.

So today, I decided to prepare a spinach-filled phyllo pie (ispanakli börek) for breakfast as I was able to keep some spinach leaves on the fridge out of our rice and spinach lunch meal yesterday.  Besides, ispanakli börek or ispanak böreği is so easy to prepare, with most of its main ingredients are sold in the market during winter.  Besides, spinach leaves can easily be stored in the fridge just like the eggs and yoğurt so it won't take long to prepare this dish.

A freshly baked ispanakli börek which is slightly crunchy on the top and with a moist filling inside would absolutely make a satisfying breakfast or brunch on a cold winter day.  Moreso,  ispanakli börek or spinach-filled phyllo pie can also make a very healthy tea time snack.

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