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Homemade Turkish Yoğurt Drink - Ayran

   Noah's (Ark) Pudding - Aşure

Bulgur pilaf

Bulgur Pilaf - Bulgur Pilavı


    Turkish Dessert - Şekerpare

  Turkish Style Pan Fried Anchovies - Hamsi Tava

    Patience Dock Salad - Taze Labada Salatası

   Cheese-Filled Puff Pastry - Peynirli Poğaca

  Turkish Fried Eggs with Sucuk - Sucuklu Yumurta

   Turkish Scrambled Eggs - Menemen

   Chicken and Bulgur Pilaf Leftovers - Tavuklu Bulgur Pilavi

  Turkish Phyllo with Minced Meat Filling - Kıymalı Börek

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