The Common Fish and Other Seafoods Sold in Turkish Supermarkets


I’ve been posting about fırında balık (oven baked fish) yesterday after our holiday dinner. Luckily we got those fishes for a really cheap price at the market yesterday because of the Zafer Bayramı (Victory Day) holiday. Actually, the çipura or çupra (Gilthead Sea Bream) in this season are supposedly sold at 14.90 TL (Turkish Lira) per kilogram with each fish weighing at about 200-400 grams. But since its holiday yesterday, their prices drop from 14.90 per kilogram to just 9.99 TL (that's just about $5)! Well that’s pretty damn cheap, so l guess it only makes sense to get a few more fishes to take home and use the freezer to store them for consumption in the next couple of days (perhaps for a different menu).

Oven Baked Fish with Vegetables - Sebzeli Fırında Balık

As we celebrate Victory Day (Zafer Bayramı) today, military parades, Turkish Air Force demonstration flights, and public street parades all make up the local news on television. And when you go out to the streets, you’ll see red Turkish flags hanging on windows and balconies of residential apartment buildings, houses, shops, offices, public and commercial buildings as well as posters and images of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (the founder of modern Turkey).

Filizler Köftecisi in Tuzla, Istanbul - Food & Restaurant Review

Summer’s a good time to dine outdoors and looking for some nice cozy restaurant where you can sit down, relax and enjoy a good meal while overlooking wonderful views of outdoors (perhaps with a garden, pool, or sea views) without having to go to beach resorts or spending too much from your pocket - would be a great break after a long and busy week.