Are you a food enthusiast?  Are you passionate about exploring the many culinary varieties of the world?  Are you particularly interested in discovering and exploring the wide varieties of  Turkish Cuisine?

If you do, then this site is for you. Turkish Food Adventure is a food and photo blog rolled into one.  It is dedicated to people like you who love to explore the many food stuffs that make up the Turkish Cuisine.

To give you a short background, many of the numerous varieties of dishes that make up the Turkish cuisine were fused by the culinary traditions of the Ottomans hundreds of years ago along with traditional Turkic elements.  This has made the Turkish Cuisine to become a big fusion and refinement of the Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisines.  No wonder it has been known and considered to be one of the three major cuisines of the world - along with French and Chinese cuisines.

Turkish culinary traditions of feast-like meals, age-old culinary techniques blended with Turkey’s rich history, diverse culture, friendly people, interesting sights, and beautiful places - all these will be covered in this blog to make sure your Turkish food adventure in this site will be fun and worthwhile.

Discover! Taste! Explore!

Have a wonderful Turkish food adventure!

- Loren J

About the Author

Loren is a blogger and a freelance writer living in Istanbul, Turkey.  She earned her bachelor's degree in Mass Communication and has worked in the fields of journalism and teaching where she developed and published tourism travel guide brochures and newsletters.  Currently,  she spends most of her time at home with her family and writing content for the world wide web during her free time. 
Among her varied passions include travel, writing, and photography.  She enjoys writing on topics related with travel, culture, food and world cuisine.  She also loves to research and write articles about family relationships, health, alternative medicine, as well as topics related with the latest trends in fashion and technology.  She hopes to travel with her family one day to other countries, experience different cultures, explore a wide variety of cuisines, learn new languages, and write about these new experiences.


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